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Brandi Belle - Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor
Updated: 09/12/2006

9.46/10 (301 votes)


Brandi's getting ready to shoot a solo scene when she hears some noise from her neighbors. She goes next door to find out what's going on and is greeted by a mature Latina babe, completely naked. The woman invites Brandi in and introduces her to her well-hung husband. Brandi realizes she's interrupted them having sex and as a way to show penance she offers up her tight body. The couple jumps at it and from there the three people fuck each other senseless. They go at it in every room and finish the scene completely drenched in sweat.

Models: Brandi Belle, Nina

Categories: Babes, Various

Site: Brandi Belle

Reviewed: 10/15/2009

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Score: 76/100


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