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mistress tracy
mistress tracy

Mistress Tracy

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Age: 32
Sign: Taurus
Height: 5”8
Weight: 135 lbs
Hair: Chestnut
Eyes: Blue
Shoe size: 9
Interests: Food and wine, dining, art, reading, European football.

Color: Red
Food: Oysters
Movie: Crash (David Cronenberg)
Book: The Atrocity Exhibition (J.G. Ballard)
Place: Prague

Prolific Details:
Orientation: Bisexual
What I love in a sub: Obedience is next to godliness or me.
Dislikes in a sub: Futile attempts to top from the bottom and all around disrespectful behaviour.
Loves: Corporeal punishment, bondage, domestic servitude, human furniture, feminization, forced homosexuality to name a few.
Fetishes: Fireplay.
Limits and hates: You’ll have to figure those out on your own.

I was born in Toronto, Canada to a father who was basically a fun-loving partier and a mother who was much more serious and wanted a better life. They divorced soon enough, so I never really knew my father, but I love the dichotomy of the tale.

My father went on to raise standard bred horses and was a cowboy of sorts and my mother went on to become a restaurateur. I was raised by my mother in the city and used to spend hours in the restaurant kitchen mesmerized by the creativity of the chefs. I think my fetish for fire play (still a goal to master in my life) stems from my fascination as the chefs would flambé various dishes with brandies and liqueurs and the flames would fountain in a brush of colors that too quickly subsided.

I discovered my love of domination through years of fantasizing. I doubt I knew what I was fantasizing half the time at that age, but my first vivid BDSM thought came when a boyfriend stood me up on a date. This event turned into retribution fantasies of forced homosexuality and feminization, which I continue to love to this date. However, in University studying fine art and experimenting with different lovers, I discovered the more beauteous forms of bondage and human furniture.

My love of domestic servants didn’t happen until about six years ago when I met a submissive who felt his sole purpose was to be my slave. We lived a 24/7 lifestyle for about four years, but I began yearning for much more than what I was getting from this type of home life. I have since moved away from what I personally consider the restraints of 24/7 (it is not for everyone) and find myself currently in Europe embarking on an adventure that continues to shape different aspects of my sexuality.

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