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These Hairy Ladies Ain’t No Sideshow

These Hairy Ladies Ain’t No Sideshow

Some people like topiaries, but I think it’s just because they can’t handle the wild, abandoned nature of a bush au naturel. As you might have guessed from the blog I’m posting to, I’m not just talking about gardening here. Instead, I’m thinking of the sweet pussies patches, curly and inviting, on hot and hairy ladies. So if you’re like me and enjoy some hairy pussy porn, you’ll love sites like ATK Hairy.

All Hairy Girls was the site that introduced me to the beauty of a hottie with a full muff. In over 10 good-quality videos, I got to enjoy these hairy ladies in some real hardcore. If you’re used to seeing shaved pornstars in action, you might think that the pubes could only get in the way of the raunch. But these scenes will prove that’s not true and the hair only helps. This site also offers more than 135 average-looking photo sets, so you can really admire the muffs.

Then I checked out some hirsute hotties on a site that just seemed to lend itself to terrible wordplay. “Look! Up in the air, it’s a babe, it’s a pussy, it’s Super Bush!” was my favorite, just so you know. And the hairy ladies are truly heroic, with unshaven muffs that are incredibly enticing. Black, brown, blonde or even red, they all look spectacular in the more than 60 photo galleries offered, even if the resolution’s only average. Unfortunately, you get no main video content with the site, so you’ll have to search through the free feeds to find your beaver pelts.

Speaking of beaver, if you want to buy it in bulk, ATK Hairy is definitely the place. I love this site for all my hairy pussy fetish needs. I have yet to exhaust their library of almost 660 movies. Their flicks have great-quality playback too, so I felt like there wasn’t a lock or strand of pubic hair I was missing out on. The hairy ladies also star in 11,200 or so picture galleries with pretty good resolution. No ingrown hairs or razor burn, only mounds of fluffy hair? I think hairy is the way to go when it comes to muffs!

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