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Satin Fetish Sites

Satin Fetish Sites

I recently had someone tell me that he’s had a very hard time finding any decent websites that cater to those with a satin or silk fetish. Apparently he’s looked high and low and only come up with a few such websites that came anywhere close to being good. Well, I did a little research and came up with a few sites he and the rest of you with a thing for satin panties or a Satin Slip Fetish might enjoy.

Satin Slip Fetish is actually the name of one of the sites that I came across, so I may as well tell you about it first. It isn’t a big site and doesn’t feature any videos, but it might still be of some interest to those of you with a satin fetish. The content there consists of about 20 photo galleries that showcase cute coeds in sexy slips. The babes are all amateur models, but they look damn fine in their pictures. Speaking of the pics, they vary in quality, but the more recent ones do look superior to the older ones. In terms of extras, members get access to few other fetish and hardcore websites. Sadly, none of them have anything to do with satin or silk.

Teens In Satin is another website aimed towards people with a satin fetish that doesn’t offer any video content. What if offers instead is something like 18 photo galleries of naughty nubile babes wearing and stripping out of clothes made of satin. Most of the stuff is softcore, but least one of the pic sets also features some hardcore fucking. The images themselves are high-res shots and look good, so it’s shame that there aren’t more of them. While the amount of picture galleries is limited, members do get access to a number of bonus sites to make up for that.

While the two websites discussed above might not have enough main content to satisfy those with a serious satin fetish, that probably isn’t the case when it comes to a site called Satin Silk Fun. With around 76 videos and 85 photo galleries, it has a lot more to offer in terms of content. New stuff gets added to the site pretty frequently too, so it’s only getting bigger. The vids that are currently available look great and all the pics look good. The content’s softcore and features a nice mix of class, sensuality and fun.

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