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Rough DP

DP Violations

Nothing is hotter than double penetration sex, such as you find on DP Violations. However, if you can’t find a buddy to help you plow your bitch from both ends, you can always use the technique described by the babe in the following story…

I have the perfect relationship.

We meet once every couple of months and have multi-orgasmic sex.

It’s the kind of sex that can hold the urges of two very busy horny people in check.

I’m a switch, but as the consummate dominant, he never lets me get away with anything.

I walk in and his hands drop to my shoulders, his teeth digging into my neck.

I pull away just enough to strip off my jacket and boots before I’m on my back.

I move to touch him, but he pins my arms, demanding to have his way. I fight, but he’s much stronger than me and I love it.

His lips and tongue work their way over my mouth, my neck and then my shirt and bra are off and his stubble scrapes over my breasts before his teeth sink into my nipple.

It doesn’t take much. As my jeans and panties come off, I arch my hips and grab his cock, begging him to fuck.

“Beg for it,” he commands and I do.

I beg with all I have, knowing that my pussy is wet and swollen. I spread my thighs to that commanding stare, whimpering as his cock stretches more than any dildo.

He is huge and I am helpless with pleasure.

I’ll do anything for him. I’ll suck his cock, talk dirty to him, anything to get him to keep fucking me.

When he rolls me to my side and tells me to stick my vibe up my ass, I obey, fighting the pain, knowing pleasure is to come.

Then he grabs my leg and thrusts deep into my pussy.

“Don’t come,” he commands.

The double penetration has me writhing with pleasure.

“You’re just my little whore, aren’t you?”

I can only nod as I come.

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