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Leave My Little Panties Alone!


I’m going to be discussing some panty fetish sites like Wet Panty Lickers today and there’s a good reason for it too. You see, my girlfriend and I have been very busy lately and we haven’t been able to clean as much as we normally would. Due to this, my girl’s little panties are strewn all over the apartment and I’m getting a little worried that someone with a serious thing for undies is going to break into my place and have a field day. I’d like to avoid that if possible, so without further ado, here’s some info about websites that I hope will keep you panty enthusiasts happy and away from my home.

The aforementioned Wet Panty Lickers website features something like 81 average to poor-looking videos and 87 sets of good-looking pictures. In the content, we see stunning babes who rub their pussies when guys and girls aren’t around to give them a helping hand. Regardless of who’s doing the touching though, the little panties these cuties wear always get wet and the people in the scenes make sure to sniff them and even suck on them a little. Two bonus sites are included with the cost of a membership, so all in all, panty enthusiasts should get their money’s worth.

If the stuff described above doesn’t keep you from kicking down my door and letting yourself in, maybe the Panty Amateur site will. It’s all about British models and their knickers and you can check them out in more than 1,200 softcore videos. New vids are being added to total daily and they can all be downloaded. They’re available as great-looking MPEGs, stellar-quality Windows Media files and even iPod compatible files.

If breaking into my place still sounds tempting to you after taking a look at the two websites I’ve already mentioned, please visit Kitty’s Panties before you take a crowbar to one of my windows. The star of the show there is a cute blonde babe who always finds a way to soak her little panties with her own pussy juice. Take a look at her 43 or so videos and you’ll see what I mean. The vids can be streamed or downloaded, but I’d recommend that you go to the trouble of saving them to your computer since they offer stellar-quality playback when downloaded as Windows Media files. In addition to the flicks, the site also features sets of pics, about 51 of them in fact. Extra panty content can be found on the bonus sites included with a membership, so be sure to check them out before considering breaking and entering.

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