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Latex Slave Serves Her Master

Latex Angel

When you see a sexy lady encased as you do on Latex Angel, it will make you sweat and short of breath. Just imagine what it would be like to have a similarly shiny coated vixen serving you as happens in the following story.

I love the feel of latex. The soft rubbery material coats every inch of skin, but what counts to my Master.

Today I lie back dressed as he requested. I wear a latex cat suit that fits me like a second skin. The only opening extends from my neck, down between my breasts, over my pussy and asshole, where it is locked into place.

Only my master has the key.

The act of locking myself into it is the greatest submission.

Once encased in the shiny material, I become nothing but a doll. I’m a desirable toy for my Master’s pleasure.

My body gets wet and ready at the thought.

I’ve slicked my lips the deep red he likes and left my hair free. I approach the padded bench and slowly bend over it.

I wait, quivering, for him to arrive.

I hear the door open and shut. A strong hand starts stroking my ass.

I try not to flinch as the first slap hits, but a small cry escapes my lips. He slaps my ass again, until I know my ass is blushing beneath the material.

“Lovely,” he says, and I swell with pride.

I hear the key slide into the lock, and I tremble with anticipation as he slides the zipper open.

I gasp as his finger slides over my dripping pussy.

“My doll is all wet,” he pouts, “I shall have to clean her,”

I gasp as he lips touch my eager flesh and his tongue works to clean my juices away. I dare not move, for dolls that move are punished.

I whimper in desperation.

“My poor dolly, does she need to be fucked?”

I nod.

I feel the lube on my ass and his fingers prepare me, making me wet again.

I moan as he slides deep.

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