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Hot Asian Babe Gives A Happy Ending Massage

Hot Asian Babe Gives A Happy Ending Massage

The lovely ladies on Soapy Massage will work you into a lather. Once you see their nubile slippery bods rubbing all over guys’ stiff rods, despite all the soap, you’ll be having dirty thoughts. In today’s story a hot Asian babe gives a happy ending massage to one of her customers.

My name is Wai Lin and handjobs are my specialty.

I run a public bath and customers come out of here more than clean.

For a fee, my gorgeous Asian employees will soap our clients, getting them all wet and slick, and then finish the job with a mind blowing release.

But I don’t just manage the place. As the owner of this public bath, I get my pick of the clients and some days, I get lucky.

This guy was tall, blond and muscled, but he had an air of shyness I found strangely endearing.

I gave him a towel and assigned him room three. At work, it’s my own private boudoir.

I stripped and wet myself in the shower, until my long legs and small high breasts glistened with warm water.

I entered the room and found him lying on the small padded bench with a towel over his hips.

His eyes widened when he saw me, his face colored and he began to tent the towel.

“I don’t think you need this anymore,” I said with a smile and with a flick of my wrist the towel hit the floor.

Taking some soap, I worked my body as he watched, my pussy getting wet as I covered myself in thick white suds.

“Just try and relax,” I told him, climbing onto the massage table bed. With my hands braced on either side of him, I rubbed my body over his, covering him with bubbles. He groaned, arching, his cock pressing into my belly.

His body glistened with soap and I knew he was ready.

I climbed off the table and palmed his cock, working it with slow deliberate strokes until he moaned and began pumping into my hand. I couldn’t take it. I rubbed myself, cumming hard as he came.

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