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Former Fatty Sheds Pounds, Spreads Skin Thin

I used to be overweight when young but after leaving home, I lost 60 pounds in six months. It was a tad rapid, no doubt. For example, my parents bought me a suit to go to a wedding in August 1991 and by my return home in November of that same year for my high school graduation ceremony, I needed the size 38 pants to be whittled down to a 34. Only a few months later my waist would be around 31 inches.

You might not realize what happens to a body after rapid weight loss. You lose everywhere, whether you need to or not. In my case, losing weight made my limbs spindly and prone to bruising. It took several months before my body redistributed to normal proportions. Admittedly, the skin on my stomach is still looser than it is on some folks but I can live with that more than the extra weight.

However, I have met people who have lost twice as much weight as me and the excess skin is too much too bare, or bear. It’s sad to see someone who has worked so hard to achieve a goal be as self-conscious about the sagging results as they previously were about the fat. Nevertheless, the next story brings some glory to that seemingly unpleasant superfluous flesh.

Dr. Bruce Hensel, medical correspondent for NBC4 of Los Angeles, reports on a woman from Eagle Rock, California who lost 145 pounds after having lap band surgery to restrict stomach size and ended up with so much loose skin it caused backache and numbness in her legs to carry it all. Removal by surgery harvested 50 pounds of excess flesh.

What’s so cool is Sheila Tehrani donated her removed skin to the non-profit Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation. Her donation helps patients undergoing hernia operations, breast and pelvic floor reconstruction. Conceivably, once unattractive extra flesh may now be fondled as part of another woman’s tits or may be penetrated inside a stranger’s rebuilt pussy.

It brings a tear to one’s eye as the wide sexy circle of life spreads for completion while getting groped along the way.

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