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Extreme Holly Interview

extreme holly

We proudly present an interview with the star of Extreme Holly. She’s a raven-haired vixen who knows how to play hard and furious, definitely touching on a few exciting fetishes including pissing, strap-ons, insertions and foot play to name a few. Despite having a slightly larger than life persona (figuratively not just literally with her giant jugs), in the end, she has a certain down-to-earth quality that’s authentic and endearing. We’ll let you judge for yourselves, by reading what Holly has to say.

We inquired:
Maybe being from so far away, I’ve gotten the wrong impression of
Scottsdale. On TV shows, they always talk about people retiring and moving
there for the climate. They say it has a dry heat but you seem to stay
pretty well lubricated, all the same. Maybe you can set the record
straight, is Scottsdale a swinging place?

extreme holly

Extreme Holly explained:
I am always wet in Scottsdale, dry or not! There are so many HOT guys and
EVEN HOTTER girls here it’s crazy. My fellow porn girls and I live it up
in Old Town, let’s just say a big ole’ fuck fest is often in order!

We inquired:
I’ve noticed you have a creative streak when it comes to inserting things
in your vagina, like as shoot with a giant light bulb. What the strangest
thing you can remember sticking in your pussy?

Extreme Holly explained:
I think the weirdest thing I’ve ever put in my pussy was the dick from a
tranny blow up doll Extreme Alex and I had sex with. There are a few
runners up though – cherry tomatoes (which got stuck and I had to remove
with a golf ball extractor, but that’s a whole different story), a bottle
who talked to me and a letter opener. But I really want to fuck this
wooden turtle my producer got from his parents (he won’t let me).

extreme holly puke

We inquired:
I saw one photo shoot where you had nine guys come on you. Is that the
record for you or have you had more men at once shoot their loads on you?

Extreme Holly explained:
That’s the record, yes. I hope to someday get together with Lisa Sparxxx
for a huge 40-50 man jizz fest. All that cum is such a turn on, I am
such a cum slut!

We inquired:
Sometimes you get face fucked so hard that you actually puke but you seem
just to keep on going. How do you manage such impressive stamina and

Extreme Holly explained:
I’ve always been one to get the job done! A little hurl never hurt
anyone, guys get off on knowing they can totally break my throat and I
love it so much I just go for it even that much harder.

extreme holly anal

We inquired:
Is there anything left that you haven’t done that you still plan on doing
that you can tell us about?

Extreme Holly explained:
I really, really want to do a threesome with Gia Darling and Allanah
Starr. They are both interested and also happen to be good friends. I
hope to do this in the spring – ah to be double fucked by two of the
world’s hottest trannys!

7 Responses to “Extreme Holly Interview”

  1. Tracy Says:

    As always, the interviews are wikkid and getting your hands on Holly (not figuratively – too bad 😉 ) is awesome. She’s definately one of the most extreme chix I’ve seen on the web, and from what I recall from her site, she’s xtremely accomodating to member requests as well. She certainly approached a non-nude gym workout ask from a member with a hell of a sense of humour, probably because non-nude seems out of her element. 😀 Nonetheless, she’s a babe bordering on much more than extreme. I think a new word needs to be created just for her style.

    Brief interview; intoxicating girl. It was a pleasure to read.

  2. ricky james Says:

    you have no respect for yourself….the people in that industry dont love you for who you are they love you for sex and thats it. Please quit and get an education it is never too late. Dont do this to your body, your destroying your body. DO IT FOR YOUR PARENTS AND GOD

  3. Dookie Says:

    nah who the fuck does this ricky james at the bottom of the comments think he is, tryin to tell holly to get a new profession???

    1. Its HER life-so stop trying to live it for her
    2. If you read the interview over again….she specifically said she GETS OFF on shoots
    3. If she ENJOYS what shes doing….LET HER!

  4. JeanClaude Says:

    Ricky!, I support your right to sound off like you did. Though I don’t particularly agree with your slam of this beautiful artist, We have thousands of people right now, as you breath, risking their lives so you will CONTINUE to have that right. I also support your ideology that “continuing education” can have “EXTREMELY” positive results on a person’s wholelife career. Your graphic declaration as to why Holly is or isn’t loved is a bit misguided I dare to say. I have a strong feeling that MORE than one individual has and will continue to share the most intimate of heartfelt bonding with her, and I’m sure she revels in the most endearing of orgasmic smiles as she gazes deeply into the eyes of those loving souls. I also feel, Mr James, that your need to save her from destroying herself in both her parents’ name as well as Gods’, may be better served by directing your wishes to the thousands of beautiful fundamentalist Islamics willing to strap 40 lbs of C4 to their chests..and take themselves AND you out simply….. cuz you are YOU!

    **note to Holly…. You go girl, drop me a line sometime

  5. Celestine Latouf Says:

    This is great, women always look sexier when they show up on cams.

  6. Benoit Says:

    I love your blog, bookmarked :)

  7. legion Says:

    Note to RICKY JAMES. If you’re so concerned with what she does and how you seem to be so aware of all her videos but yet say “family and GOD,”maybe it’s you that needs to get another profession besides watching video porn secretly in the closet. Don’t be a bigot. Concentrate on your own issues, not someone that likes what they do and especially when they get paid to do what they love. Go somewhere else and “preach”.

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