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Extreme Female Contortion Wins The Gold

Extreme Female Contortion Wins the Gold

A few years ago, Cirque du Soleil finally came out with an erotic show using its talented contortionists and aerialists. When I found out, I only had two questions. First, where do I buy tickets? And second, why did it take them so long? Everyone knows that extreme female contortion is scorching. If a hottie can bend like that, the potential positions are endless and the fun infinite, which is just what I found to be true with contortion erotica, like the action on Flexible Positions.

It took me a while to get used to Absolute Skinny and its star, Irena. She’s a Russian babe who’s more than skinny, she’s practically skeletal. At least the site doesn’t indulge in false advertising, I guess. But after giving her boney bod a try, I was pleasantly surprised. Irena proved that too much flesh just gets in the way of mind-blowing extreme female contortion. In almost 50 photo sets and 20 videos, she twists in ways I thought anatomy would never allow. While the contortions are great, I would have liked to see the phenomenal posing in better quality and updates have stopped. Apparently Irena has been in an accident, so here’s hoping our skinny star gets back on her feet, or on her head, ready to post again.

Flexi Ksenia is another contortionist with a little more meat on her bones. She has the same body as those saucy Chinese and Russian gymnasts who make my Summer Olympics watching so much better and some of the same moves too. When she stood on her hands, bent her back at a 90 degree angle and cradled her head with her feet, I was ready to give her my personal gold medal. I would have liked to know more about the girl behind the extreme female contortion, but I had to content myself with only seeing a lot of her in over 100 great-quality photo sets and around 20 videos.

As much as I love the solo stars, sometimes I do like to get my extreme female contortion in bulk. I know I can always rely on Flexible Positions to bring me a whole yoga class’ worth of curving and twisting babes. These honeys also run a little more hardcore. Not only do they get completely naked while snaking around exercise balls and bending over weight machines, but they fuck and suck in those crazy shapes. Over 20 galleries and the same number of videos gave me lots of time to get my flex on. The movies are good-quality and the photos are high-res images. I felt like I was working out with them, without having to deal with all the sweat, or the pulled muscles. Guess I better leave this one to the pros.

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