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Extreme Alex Interview

Extreme Alex
References to levels of extremity are often haphazardly thrown about in the world of porn. More often than not, one can feel disappointed by what qualifies itself as extremist action. However Extreme Alex delivers the goods (or should I say the bads, the very naughty bads) in scenes such as my favorite where she lets a guy fuck her up the ass until he comes inside, then she pushes that load out into a shot glass before downing it all in one gulp. She’s a special kind of lady, I’d say so read on for her interview with us. We ask Alex – The info on your site mentions that you have a sexual fetish for toes. Just to be clear, is it only toes you’re into or feet and footwear in general?

Alex answers –
I love feet in general, all kinds of kinky things about them. Sucking on toes, a hot pair of boots, a nice pedicure on a sexy woman, etc. Anything and everything feet!

extreme alex

We ask Alex – You seem really to like anal sex and penetrating your butt with sex toys. How would you describe the pleasure, ass action gives you?

Alex answers – I am the girl with the elastic ass! I tell everyone how much I love getting things shoved up my ass, the bigger the better. Anal orgasms are UNBELIEVABLY HOT and the only way I can do it is to get really big dicks, bats, toys up my ass. I guess I am just really relaxed when I have ass sex because I enjoy it so much, which keeps all those big things from hurting. In fact, it’s just the opposite!

We ask Alex – In one of your Crazy Life sets, we see you out on the gun range. Even unloaded there’s something dangerously erotic about a weapon so have you ever fucked yourself with a gun?

Alex answers – Oh, wow! No, I haven’t but that is a HOT idea!!!! I loved going to the gun range, I am a tiny girl in general so shooting that machine gun nearly blew me backwards! Not to mention all the guys at the gun range drooling over Extreme Holly and I all sexed up in our camo! I’ll have to add a gun to my to-do list. I wonder if guns and lube are a no-no. LOL!

We ask Alex –
You make it clear in your bio that you like guys but we see you with lots of girls on your site. Do you do the lesbian scenes mostly for your fans or despite a preference for men; you’d do it with chicks even for fun?

extreme alex piss

Alex answers – I prefer men because I am such a cock slut (even in real life) but I still enjoy working with girls on camera. Mostly because I know how hot and bothered it gets my fans – and that alone makes me wet for doing girl-girl shoots. I have had a few drunken flings with chicks off-camera, but at the end of the day, I want COCK!!!

We ask Alex – Another fact from your bio states you’d like to meet Reese Witherspoon. Reese always seems a somewhat prim and proper star. I’m curious to know, how does she attract your interest?

Alex answers – I think Reese is absolutely adorable. Everything about her I love, her voice, her cute little face, her movies – even her husband! Part of me would just love to take her to a picnic and get to know all about her – and part of me wants to rip off her clothes and fuck her doggie style with a strap-on!!!

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