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Cracker Jack and his Crack Whores

crackwhore suzy

In Crack Whore Confessions, actual crack whores confess more than a love of crack when they’re down on their knees for the camera. Pretentious people may claim porn is never “classy.” However, some attempt at subtle sensuality is usually made. Not so, with these strung out sluts.

The need for a fix is depicted in nasty pics and flicks producing an emotionally raw cavalcade of desperate addicts sucking and fucking dick for dollars to score more crack. We asked the host of these down market sexcapades, Cracker Jack, a few questions and I have posted his unedited replies.

Don’t know Jack? We asked – Since your stars do seem to be genuine crackwhores, have you ever had a run-in with a pimp?

Cracker Jack confessed – These are definately real crack whores that I have met on the street or cruising the trailer parks around town. I don’t come accross many pimps because these bitches are too insane to try to manage. The whores hang out more with the dope boys, these are guys that sell crack while riding bicycles through the hood.

crackwhore kimmy

These whores can smoke it quicker than they can make enough to pay for it, so most give some pussy to the dope boys in trade. Pimps want all the money and the whores want to smoke up every cent, so there is a conflict of interest. Most of the whores I have met are all free lance operators that fly by the seat of their pants!

Don’t know Jack? We asked – Some of these chicks are scary as hell to put it mildly. Has there ever been a whore that once you got started you decided was too horrible to finish off?

Cracker Jack confessed – There have been some that have had such bad body odor and a few that the pussy smelled worse that a rotting animal carcase when the panties dropped. In those cases I have limited our encounter to a quick blowjob. Hell, Crack can age a girl 10 years in two months time!

crackwhore val

One or two have been unintelligible and impossible to communicate with, so I had to throw them out of the car. Also, I try to get a good look at em before they get in my car, I check for an adams apple first. Then I ask them a few questions so I can see if they have most of their teeth (Crack is not dental friendly).

Don’t know Jack? We asked – These “ladies” seem rather desperate, what’s the craziest thing one has offered to do on camera for money?

Cracker Jack confessed – My needs are simple, all I ask for is some good head, some tight pussy and occaisonaly some anal!

CrackWhoreConfessions.com is all about what these girls will do for money, and I am constantly amazed at their stories. These are the deepest darkest hidden skeleton in the closet type of stories most people would never ever tell a soul!

Don’t know Jack? We asked- I read your, err, fan mail some of which wasn’t positive and one at least threatened a lawsuit. Have you ever actually been sued or was that just the crack talking?

Cracker Jack confessed – We like to show the positive and the negative fan email. They are both very entertaining to read, don’t you agree?

The biggest misconception is thinking that CrackWhoreConfessions.com is pro drugs, nothing could be further from the truth! The website provides a window into the treacherous drug underworld from the safety of your PC.

A lawsuit would be pointless because each girl signs a model release and knows that the interview is being filmed. The stories are all real and straight from the whore’s mouth.

Still don’t know Jack? We asked – What do you say to any detractors who claim these scenes are only staged?

Cracker Jack confessed – Are you fucking kidding? None of these bitches can remember shit, let alone recite a story or script. You simply can’t make this shit up and there is no Academy Awards for Crack Whores!

I don’t think you could even get a porn model or actress to betray a crack whore without getting slapped. Who on earth would want to portray themselves as a bottom of the barrel Crack Whore?

CrackWhoreConfessions.com is a social commentary on the harsh realities of the Crack epidemic and life on the streets.

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