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Beautiful Luscious Legs

Beautiful Luscious Legs

I had movers helping me move from one apartment to another last night and everything went well aside from the fact that they almost dropped my fridge down a flight of stairs. How did that happen? Well, as they were hauling the appliance up my front stairs, a babe in a mini skirt walked by and her sexy long legs distracted my two movers so much that they almost forgot they were carrying my fridge. I can’t blame them for looking, but damn, if you want to ogle legs, finish your job, go home and check out sites like Leg Seeker on your own time, not when I’m paying you by the hour.

Well, now that I’ve mentioned Leg Seeker and need something to blog about, I may as well tell you about the website. In short, it’s sort of a leg enthusiast’s dream. There are over 32 videos there and more that 85 sets of pictures and new stuff is being added to site every couple of days. All the material does a very good job of showcasing the beautiful luscious legs of the models featured in the vids and pics, but the movies do sometimes lose their focus as masturbation occasionally takes precedence over the legs. The stuff’s still quite thrilling though and both the videos and the photos look good, so the material’s easy on the eyes. A number of bonus sites are included with the cost of a membership, but you should know that they don’t really cater to leg lovers.

Leg Action is another website that’s worth visiting if you’re someone that can’t get enough of beautiful luscious legs. There’s a whole lot of content featured there and in fact, the last time I checked, there were something like 346 videos and 955 sets of pictures available to members. Not everything is exclusive, but just about everything is hot. The vids and pics are a mix of hardcore and softcore content, but lovely legs are prominently featured in all the content. The stuff’s great and so is the amount of bonus content available to members.

Even more beautiful luscious legs can be found on a website called Teens Leg Show. There are about 103 videos and around 341 photo sets featured there and while those are decent numbers, the quality of the content isn’t always as impressive. Actually, the vids only offer poor-quality playback and the pics aren’t high-res. I know that doesn’t seem very enticing, but I should mention that some of Europe’s sexiest models appear on this site and you can join it for a low-end price. If you’re on a budget or looking for a deal, Teens Leg Show allows you to enjoy some lovely legs for an affordable monthly fee. You can take the money you save and put it towards taking out the next leggy blonde you see walking down the street.

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