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September 29, 2008

Girl With Glasses Has Sex

Filed under: Fetish Stories — Will @ 9:19 am

Naughty Bookworms

The largest sexual organ is the brain. Ironic considering for some guys, all the blood drains away from there to a more modestly sized sex organ. I guess maybe its the brainy look of glasses that make us want to fuck the Naughty Bookworms type of girls. The seductress in the following tail lays her plan to get laid. I don’t know if she’s that smart. She does end up being successful at least.

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September 26, 2008

Amazing Anal Penetration

Filed under: Hot Ass Sex — chris @ 8:59 am

Captain Stabbin

So how was your weekend? Mine was great! I had a bunch of big plans and they all fell though, but it didn’t matter because I ended up staying in and having some great anal sex (with a girl) instead. Is that too much information? Well that’s too bad because I feel like bragging about the fantastic sex I had. It was just unbelievable! It was so good in fact that I think I might have developed a serious anal fetish as a result. If that’s indeed the case, I’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the websites I’ll be telling you about today.

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September 22, 2008

Trannies from Brazil

Filed under: Fetish Stories — Will @ 9:08 am

Brazilian Trannsexuals

Brazilian women are known throughout the world for being beautiful. For one thing, they’ve got incredible butts. The following story is about a girl who mistakes one of the Brazilian Trannsexuals for the real deal. In the end, she doesn’t feel cheated in the least…

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September 17, 2008

Spice Up Your Sex Life With BDSM Movies

Filed under: Extreme BDSM — chris @ 1:18 pm

Water Bondage

Is your sex life feeling kind of boring? Tired of the same old thing? Well, what the hell are you waiting for? Go spice things up! If you’re not sure how to go about doing that, you might want to set aside some time to go visit a few BDSM porn sites where you can watch some BDSM movies and learn all sorts of new and fun ways to pleasure your partner through pain.

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September 15, 2008

Master Slave Love

Filed under: Fetish Stories — Will @ 9:09 am

Slaves In Love

There is no love purer than a slave for her master. Just check out Slaves In Love and you’ll see what I mean. Then read this tale of female submissive who is deeply in love with her dominate male partner.

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September 12, 2008

Sexy Soon-to-be Mamas

Filed under: Knocked Up Sluts — julia @ 3:55 pm

Pregnant Wishes

Let’s face it parents are not often the sexiest of people. Unless they’re A-list celebrities, they’re tired, harassed and tend to have a trapped look about them. For some reason though, while the little ones are still warm, heavy buns in those ovens, pregnant pussy is some of the warmest, glowiest, sexiest stuff out there. Pregnant porn is one particular niche where the lovelies are huge and hormonally desperate for action. Those wonderful people out there with a pregnant fetish come through every time, whether to Pregnant Bang and other pregnant fetish sites or to the megasites that include a pregnant page.

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September 10, 2008

Irresistible Ass Worship

Filed under: Beautiful Butts — julia @ 1:06 pm

 Extreme Asses

I bit into the last of the summer fresh peaches yesterday morning and sucking and chewing on fuzzy, soft yet firm fruit made me lean back and rock gently on the gorgeous piece of ass comfortably underneath me. For anyone who like me thoroughly enjoys the laying on of hands in a Tushy Massage (brought to us by the good people at Tushy Lickers mmmm) or any other kind of ass worship from spanking all the way to anal penetration, the rosy cheek adoration starts at home. The sheer beauty of a sweet, round behind plus all the function that goes with is enough for me to define myself as a head-under-heels ass worshiper.

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