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February 29, 2008

Messy Fun

Filed under: Food Sex — chris @ 9:29 am

Messy Chixxx

It’s no secret that guys love dirty girls and the chicks you’ll find in the wet & messy category of this very website are as dirty as can be… literally. They get their satisfaction from being covered in a variety of messy substances and some of them even like to consume the gunk they get plastered with.

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February 27, 2008

Sexy Toons

Filed under: Hardcore Toons — chris @ 1:12 pm

Bond Anime

I’ve been a lifelong fan of comic books and cartoons. As such, I guess it’s no surprise that some of my first sexual fantasies involved many of the sexy toons from my favorite comics and shows. Now that I’m older, I still find myself drawn to porn sites that feature animated content and sexy sequential art. If you’re wondering, that pun was unintended.

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February 25, 2008

Butt Plug Fucked

Filed under: Fetish Stories,Beautiful Butts — Will @ 4:21 pm


Sometimes you want some action that is ass-related and not just pure anal, it seems you might find some of that on Fasscinating and you’ll definitely read about a girl who gets butt-plugged from behind, before getting her pussy totally fucked to climax in this week’s story…

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February 22, 2008

Panty Mania

Filed under: Panties Sex — chris @ 2:00 am

The Panty Collector

While I was on the subway the other day, I noticed a very attractive girl standing nearby wearing a skirt that barely covered her naughty bits. I have no idea what possessed her to dress like that on a cold February morning but thank God she did because she looked damn hot. The whole time I was on the subway, I kept hoping that I’d be able to catch a glimpse of the panties she was wearing underneath her skirt but alas, it never happened. With panty mania running wild in my heart and mind, I knew exactly what I had to do when I got home. I sat down at my computer and headed straight to the panty category of this very site, where I found links to three of my favorite panty themed sites.

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February 20, 2008

Female Contortionists

Filed under: Contortionist Sex — chris @ 2:00 am

Ballerina Julia

A few years ago I found myself dating a real bitch of a girl. She was unsupportive, frequently jealous and absolutely nuts. She drove me crazy! Despite this, I just couldn’t bring myself to break-up with her. One of the main reasons for my unwillingness to end things was the fact that the chick was just so damn flexible. I mean, we could do stuff in bed that wouldn’t look out of place in a circus act – minus all the nakedness and fucking of course. It was incredible! Sadly, the relationship finally did come to an end and while I don’t miss the cunt one bit, I do miss her ability to fold up like a pretzel. It’s in memoriam of this love lost that I bring you today’s blog all about female contortionists.

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February 18, 2008

Power Sex Goddess

Filed under: Fetish Stories,Female Domination Porn — Will @ 4:05 pm

Power Goddess

This story was inspired by that infamous V-Day last week. A woman tries to seduce the God of Love, but in the end, he has his way with her. You’d never quite see the tables so easily turned on the Power Goddess, but then again, maybe she’s just never met Cupid yet.

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February 15, 2008

Bare Bottom Spanking

Filed under: Erotic Spanking Sites — chris @ 2:00 am

Whipped Ass

If you’re visiting this site, I’d say it’s safe to wager that you like watching girls be naughty. Unfortunately, being bad often results in consequences. As you no doubt discovered in your youth, the consequences occasionally include a good bare bottom spanking. While corporal punishment was never fun when I was young, I must say that now that I’m older, I often find myself enjoying a good smack on the ass… as long as it’s being applied to the rear-end of a sexy, young hottie of course. If the same type of thing turns you on, you should definitely head to the spanking category of this very website. There you’ll find a butt load of reviews of different spanking themed websites.

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