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Smoking Fetish  Written by: , 01/03/2006

A large plume of smoke, the drawing of a breath through the end of a cigarette, the feeling as it is expelled against your skin and the dark damage done to a woman’s lungs from years of abuse: these are some of the attractions that fans of capnolagnia, otherwise known as the smoking fetish, find most erotic. Unlike many of the other fetishes you’ll find here on Fetish Fish, this form of fetishism is dangerous, which is clearly part of the appeal. It matters little if you’re man or woman, gay or straight. This fetish can drift in and envelop you until you’re hopelessly lost in its haze.

There is a long history when it comes to the pursuit and enjoyment of tobacco. According to the Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco, you have to go back to 6000 BC to find the root of when tobacco plants, which are native only to North America, first developed. It wasn’t until 1000 BC, though, that early inhabitants began smoking and chewing the plant. It would take another 2,500 years before its popularity reached other shores. England received its first shipment of tobacco in the mid 16th century. By the time the 20th century rolled around, smoking was firmly established as a common pastime. The after-dinner smoke was a normality and smoking jackets began to appear as common apparel 1. Now, over a hundred years later, enthusiasts of all ages and genders are finally getting their payday.

Despite the broad scope of audience, the majority of fans of this fiery fixation are men who enjoy women that smoke 2. Smoking first began to gain popularity with the female population around the turn of the 20th century. The Kimball Tobacco Company made an attempt in the 1880’s to target women with Satin Straight Cuts, cigarettes that came in little drawstring purses 3. The attempt failed to catch the eye of the population at large, who frowned on females who took up the practice. However, an article in Atlantic Monthly in 1916 has been quoted as saying that cigarettes are "the symbol of emancipation, the temporary substitute for the ballot."4 Advertising geared towards the female market began to pick up in the 1920’s. By the 1930’s, it had become so commonplace that Spud cigarettes had an ad that read "To read the advertisements these days, a fellow'd think the pretty girls do all the smoking." Lucky Strike launched an ad campaign that led to a 300% increase in sales in one year by suggesting that smoking would help you control your weight. The Philip Morris Company, producers of Virginia Slims, knocked one out of the park in the late 60’s with ads such as ”You’ve come a long way, baby” and “It’s a woman thing.” 5 Advertising has suggested that smoking leads to empowerment and freedom for females. This might also shed some insight into part of the appeal that women smokers have to men. But be you man, woman, old or young, there are outlets available for whatever part of the smoking fetish that turns you on.

“Before the widespread development of the net, people with a smoking fetish usually thought that they were the only person in the world with an unusually strong attraction to (those) who smoke,” said Mike Smoke, CEO of Smoke Signals Inc., which publishes the fetish newsletter, Smoke Signals. Smoke says that the fetish grew during the early days of the Internet with a handful of devotees, such as himself, who found each other on the Internet through services such as CompuServ, Prodigy and AOL or on some of the larger adult BBS systems. As their numbers grew, Smoke saw the need for a publication geared towards the fetish and, sometime around 1993, Smoke Signals was born. “In short, the development of the net "freed" people with a smoking fetish, allowing them to not only find the material they need to satisfy their sexual interest, but to understand that they're not crazy or sick. They just have a special interest - the same one that hundreds of thousands of others share.”

Interest in the fetish can often focus on the form that the tobacco comes in. For example, some prefer the smoker to be using a white filter, which is seen as feminine. Others prefer the more masculine looking brown/cork filter, which makes the female smoker seem more dominate. Length can also be important as they range in size from regular up to 120 millimeter for cigarettes and various lengths, too, for cigars.

Age is another area in which the smoking fetish can splinter into different segments. Some prefer to watch teenagers take drags off tobacco products -- often referred to as hebophilia. There is also a large portion of the fetish group that like watching older people inhale. Roots of this can often be found with parents or guardians who smoked. Obviously, ages and interests range for smokers so the interest in this particular area of the niche can be varry greatly.

For some, it is the deadly effect on the body that is so attractive.

Sometimes called “the dark side” or “lung damage,” 6 the subsection of the smoking fetish involves the physical and medical damage from nicotine. It might be a fascination with discolored fingers or teeth – common signs of a devotion to nicotine. It could also involve the more serious ramifications of a life lived with this deadly addiction including pictures of damaged lungs or harmful pregnancies. There is a very dark side to the smoking fetish and there are those who love it so.

Of course, there are also more subtle interests involved. Some might enjoy watching a pregnant women inhaling deeply on a cigarette, cigar or pipe. Smoking tricks, such as the blowing of rings, French inhales and nose exhales also have their place. As mentioned, dominate and submissive users are also popular. As a result of the many different interests that can spring up, numerous videos and websites have been created that are devoted to filling the burning desires for devotees. The Internet is the best connection to any and every form with numerous websites and forums open to the public. But for starters, the first place where the search for smoking fetish should begin is right here on FetishFish. The best time to start is right now!

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