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Shoe Fetish  Written by: Mistress Tracy, 12/29/2005

What is it about shoes that can drive men and women into an erotic frenzy? Is it the way one struts down the street in a particular kind of shoe? Could it be the way a boot helps accentuate the leg? Is it that particular musky odor that develops after a day spent on your feet? It could be a one or a number of wonderful elements that have helped propel this fetish into mainstream culture!

The shoe fetish is also referred to as retifism. The term may have come from a French educator by the name of Retif de la Bretonne (1734-1806) who was known for his passion for footwear. Over the years, workers in the sex trade have come to refer to those who enjoy the fetish as ‘bootmen.’ There has even been at least one reported case of a man who was able to achieve orgasm simply from walking behind a woman and listening to the sound of her shoe creaking as she walked. It should be noted that those who practice the fetish are not known for violent crimes, as may be the case with other fetishes. Estimates may suggest that the fetish may be shared between 1/10th to ¼ of the adult male population1.

Those who enjoy retifism know that it matters little what else is around – a shoe or boot is necessary for proper arousal to take place. This means a sweaty foot, moist after a long stroll in the park, does little compared with the damp runner that lays at the front door. Like many fetishes, the root is often thought to derive from experiences in childhood. One such theory may involve children crawling around on their hands and feet next to a member of the opposite sex’s footwear. Whatever the case, those who enjoy this foot fetish know the power of its attraction.

The type of shoe that someone wears is often enough to set the shoe fetishists mind aflame. It could be short, sweaty athletic shoes, high-heeled stilettos, work boots or more original fetish footwear. Many fans of this fetish can be found at fetish nights, dressed to the nines with shoes and boots that draw the attention of the room. Some devotees focus on parts of the shoe, such as the long, delicate nature of the heel or the underside of the sole, which mimics a second skin for the foot inside. Various materials used to make footwear can also be the focus of interest. Leather looks and acts differently than rubber or nylon so it really all depends on a person’s specific interest. Thankfully, there are so many different types of people seeking various types of footwear that fans have a virtual smorgasbord of options to choose from.

For some, the fetish stems less from the shoe itself then the effect it has on the wearer. Some shoes, such as high heels, lead the wearer to walk and move in different ways such as lengthening the leg or giving more prominence to the butt. Others, such as thigh-high boots, accentuate the covered area itself, such as the calf or thigh, in such a way as to waken primal desires. Some shoes suggest the owner is a certain personality type. A girl in a pair of platform boots is different than one tromps around in combat boots. Although you may see a disassociation between the footwear and the interest in the result produced by wearing a particular shoe, rest assured it’s part of the same fetish. The effect is important, but the focus, for fans and followers of retifism, is always on the shoe or boot being worn.

Where would a shoe fetishism be without an interest in the smell? Some find the scent of new shoes or boots fresh out of the package attractive. Others gravitate towards the mixture of sweat and material that is generated by hours walking. Some may be partial to leather – the smell of wet cowhide and moisture can bring more than a few fetishists to their knees. Others may find rubber covered with the sharp vinegar of foot sweat more to their taste. New shows or old shoes, leather or rubber – all have a scent that is enough to turn the frown on a foot fetishists face upside down2!

An offshoot of the shoe fetish is the crush fetish. Fans of this form of eroticism like to see different things squashed under foot. Some may like to see living things crushed, such as insects or animals. Others prefer inanimate objects like cigarettes, food or toys3. The tie in between the crush fetish and the shoe fetish comes with the feet. Imagine an orange succumbing to the wrath of a high-heeled stiletto as it’s pierced over and over again or a smoke being put out on the bottom of a steel toed boot, the mixture of rubber and nicotine wafting up to your nose, and you may begin to have an understanding of what crush a shoe fetishist may have on this area of the fetish.

If shoes and boots are keeping you up at night – relax! FetishFish has all you’ll need to enjoy your passion on the Net. Check out our shoe fetish section now!

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