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Pee Fetish  Written by: Master Marquo, 02/01/2006

It is hard to beat the intimacy and erotic nature of the pee fetish. Clinically it is referred to as Urolagnia or Urophilia, but out in the real world of adult entertainment it may be referred to as golden showers, voyeur pee, pee drinking and watersports1. Urophilia is a form of paraphilia, which is a sexual attraction to something that may not involve reciprocation for another party2. It’s also commonly used to refer to sexual activities that are considered outside of the norm – so basically anything you find listed on this site!

As far as fetishes go, this one is low maintenance. You don’t need to take a trip to a local novelty shop for supplies and you certainly don’t have to worry about running out of batteries in the middle of the action. This fetish is all about doing what comes natural. Yet as natural as it may be, when it comes to adult content, it’s not seen in the same light the world over.

“Watersports fetishes are not really well known or practiced in North America but they're gaining a larger following in recent years because of their taboo nature,” said Sweet Marie, a content producer for French Pee. “Europeans were into these games for a very long time and pretty much all pee content produced has been in Europe.”

Like most fetishes, pee has a number of variations that hold appeal. As a content producer, Sweet Marie has had many different requests come across her desk from fans, but there are those that are certainly more popular than others.

The most popular requests from fans have to do with piss drinking,” she said. “They love to see naughty girls drink all the pee that they're given, especially from a glass where they can see the total amount that is there.

Pee battles, where women pee on each other at the same time, tend to also be big crowd pleasers. Some of the actresses get so good at it that they can pee standing up with the same accuracy on target as a man. This fetish can get a little more edgy, as well, depending on the desires if the customers.

“Another popular fetish with our more extreme fans is peeing inside someone's pussy or ass then having them drink it through a tube,” Marie said. “The observer can watch the liquid bubble inside before going down someone's throat.”

Watching someone pee in his or her clothes can be a huge turn on. Seeing someone mid act as a dark stain appears in his or her jeans or seeing it drip through the pores in panties can be intensely erotic. Some like the idea of bed-wetting. An attraction to people who pee the bed may be related in some ways to the diaper fetish or infantilism, a desire to be act and/or be treated like an infant3. Fetish pee is usually a little more involved. You can get into the use of specialized devices, such as a speculum or catheter. For some, the pee fetish is about domination and/or submission. It can be about humiliating someone by subjecting him or her to exposure to human waste. It may also be about the love of feeling helpless as someone relieves himself or herself on you.

“In dominant/submissive games its usually pee drinking and golden showers as the submissive tries to prove themselves in the eyes of their master,” said Marie.

Most forms of sexual activity involve certain health concerns and Urophilia certainly brings its own to the table. There are increased risks if the person peeing has an STD, but beyond that the concerns are relatively minimal. Side effects could consist of skin rashes, if someone’s skin happens to mix poorly with urine, and then there are dietary issues. Urine is generally high in mineral and salt. Also, if someone is taking medication or supplements, it may be present in the urine and should be taken into consideration before engaging in sexual activity of this nature4. The benign nature of the pee fetish is also a reason why there is so much content now available for the niche.

“Models that have never done it may be repulsed at the idea in the beginning but also really curious as to what it feels like and tastes like,” Marie said. “These are the scenes that fans love the most. When a model tries it for the first time and the look on her face as she gets a blast is priceless! Also, you can convince them to try it with a lot of explanation about pee. Many people view pee as a dirty by product of the body but in fact its antiseptic so it’s very safe to engage in this fetish. Explaining to them how actors prepare for a scene and being careful to describe all the acts that will take place are important in the model having fun with you and wanting to work with you again.”

Golden showers fans take heart: it’s a low cost, low risk way of enjoying intimacy between two people. With sites like French Pee, Athens Girls and Pee Lover leading the charge, you will always have a fresh source for this fantastic fetish. Check out our pee site reviews and quench your thirst for this fetish!


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