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Panty Fetish  Written by: Master Marquo, 11/07/2005

If you're a panty-fetishist like me, you're bound to agree that there’s nothing quite like the look, smell and feel of freshly soiled undies! Panty fetishism has been around for a long time and crosses all borders and cultures. Our thriving subculture has many outlets, as you’re about to see. Your passion is a shared interest and we’re here to explore it together! Let's first start with a trip to the couch.

Sexual urges that involve female undergarments, such as panties, are a form of fetishism1. From a clinical standpoint, fetishism falls under the general category of paraphilias --sexual urges or behaviors that are outside of typical societal normality that affect common social activity, such as work2. These classifications do well to help differentiate the different types of interest, but there is a difference between a healthy pastime and an obsession or addiction. Panty fetishism, like most forms, is largely a benign in nature so such terms, although useful in a clinical setting, do not and should not apply to the niche as a whole.

It should be noted that panty fetishism is considered separate from the wearing of undergarments, or transvestic fetishism. To be more specific, panty fetishism usually involves worn and soiled garments, where the look and smell are the main form of attraction. This interest in dirty garments is sometimes specifically referred to as Mysophilia3. One interesting aspect of panty fetishism is that it’s impossible to tell just how widespread the interest is. However, all you have to do is look at the many panty-related adult sites on the Internet and you’ll soon realize that this is a booming niche that can provide you with all the panty-related entertainment you could imagine!

Although generally seen as a fringe interest in society, some cultures have built a thriving industry around worn female undergarments. Japan is a prime example when it comes to panty fetishism. The Japanese often refer to it as bura-sera or buru-sera (Engrish) which loosely translates to bloomers sailors, or the underwear that schoolgirls and those in sailor uniforms wear. You can actually go to buru-sera stores where teenage girls will sell their panties for extra money. The more soiled they are, the more money they will fetch. Extremely dirty underwear, such as those worn by girls on their period, and those that have an accompanying photo of the girl who wore them are often double the price. The practice has been so popular that you could even find vending machines that distributed them4. There are reports that the government axed the practice in the 90’s but still others say that the vending machines are still around. There seems to be no argument as to why the Japanese would be more into the panty fetish than other cultures, but their more liberal social beliefs would certainly suggest that a similar market could appear in any other culture, given the right conditions.

The interest in undergarments is not totally limited to Japan. Many adult magazines carry ads in them that claim to sell such items, but today the Internet seems to be the number-one destination for all those who have a desire for the fetish. If your interest is purely of a voyeuristic nature, there are specific sites that focus on shots of girls in various types of panties doing a variety of sexually specific things. Although you can find women in various stages of undress on most adult entertainment sites, the ones that focus in on undergarments put the special attention in that only fans of this niche can really understand. If checking out full-length movies and substantial picture archives of panties is your thing then start out with one of these panty portals!

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, something you can reach out and touch, then I would recommend trying some amateur sites. The models themselves usually run their sites. The best come with daily updates from the girls and can involve direct interaction with them, either through email or video chat sessions. These sites are best if you’re after product. Once you join, you can ask if they provide panty service. Most should be more than fine with it for a nominal fee and they can even personalize it to your taste. Trust is always an issue when it comes to anyone’s personal sexual needs. Obviously this is a real issue if you’re trying to buy something from the back of an adult magazine, but single girl websites provide a solution. It’s much more personal once you get to know the girls. For example, a common practice is to take a trip to a lingerie store and find a pair that you’d like them to wear. Send it to them and have them take pictures or shoot video while wearing them. If you’d like, have them send them back to you! It’s all about the personalization! If you’ve never experienced the amateur Internet community, these girls are real women who really enjoy what they do. They are committed to their members and most will go out of their way to ensure your needs are satisfied.

You are not alone when it comes to your interest in underwear. More importantly, there is no need for you to suffer without access to what you really desire. FetishFish offers you access to the best on the web when it comes to panty fetish. Take your time, look around and explore the top-rated sites. Quality adult portals for panty fetish aficionados are only clicks away. Let FetishFish be your guide!

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