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Hairy Fetish  Written by: Mistress Tracy, 02/25/2008

If I judged Western culture based on all the porn I watch, then I would think that contemporary society had an almost clinically obsessive/compulsive aversion to body hair. Actually, I need only go to the local super market or pharmacy with its shelves constantly full (have you ever noticed they never run out?) of razors, shaving creams, waxes, sugars, Neet and other products to really realize that North American individuals do indeed seem a little more, shall I say, overzealous, about removing hair from all over their bodies than in other countries I've visited.  

When I was in Europe last year, I noticed a lot of cultural differences and as I searched for my preferred waxing brand - I'm an over zealous North American, too - I realized that many European shelves weren't quite as fully packed with hair removal products as they were back home. When younger I had heard many stereotypical rumours and jokes about European women and their preference for going au-naturel, but could it be true?  

Since a lot of the porn I watch comes out of Europe, I'm not so sure hairiness is the major preference on that continent, either, but I can tell you that hirsuitism does present itself more frequently in Mediterranean women during their fertile years according to Jorge Dores, Endocrinologist at Santo Antonio Hospital, Porto, Portugal. [1] Of course, there is a difference between being a hirsute fetishist and having a fetish for hair.   Hirsuitism is a word that you'll often come across in adult entertainment. From the Latin hirsutus, meaning shaggy or hairy, hirsute has become a popular word in reference to hairy pussy. Many websites, like Hirsute World, use the term to refer to women who don't shave areas of their body that other women might typically shave (vagina, legs, arm pits). In its more accurate use, and to give you a sense of the difference, hirsutism is a 'condition' affecting eight per cent of the world population (80 percent of the times due to an hormonal imbalance) where unwanted and excessive hair growth presents itself on areas of the body that otherwise have little to no hair growth (in women this might be the chest, abdomen and face). 

I can't confirm, nor can I deny, that there are those individuals with a pure hirsute fetish, and by this I mean with a desire for hirsute women as described above. However, I can say with certainty that there are a lot of individuals with a hair fetish.  

Hair fetishism takes many different forms . There are those with long hair fetishes, with short hair fetishes and those with fetishes for cutting hair. Some people's fantasies include prancing barefoot on a hair-ridden floor of a beauty salon if only to feel all the luxurious strands on their feet. Others are driven wild by the texture and scents trapped in a woman's pubic hair, and still others have a strong desire for women's hairy legs, unshaven armpits, or the whole natural, 'hippyesque' works. There are straight and gay fetishists, and there are male and female enthusiasts, but for now I will focus on the fetish for hairy beavers.  

Obviously, the hairy muff is not a new phenomenon and neither is the shaved twat. History presents long periods where shaving was fashionable. Ancient Middle Easterners and Egyptian women shaved every inch of body hair (excepting eyebrows) before their weddings as a sign of respect for their husbands. Alternately, Catherine de Medici (1519 – 1589), Queen consort of Henry II of France, actually forbade pubic hair removal amongst her ladies-in-waiting and seemed to set in motion a trend for the unshaved pubis up until the latter part of the Victorian Era, when the rise of razor manufacturers coincided with the resurgent popularity of the hairless pussy.  

The whole hippy sub-culture in the 1960's can attest to a generation of hairy pussy (sporters and supporters) and even today you can still find some women who refuse to shave their pussies, armpits and legs as a rebellion against the commercialization of the ideal of beauty. The reasons for not shaving in these instances would seem to have a greater base in religion and ideology or cultural politics than fetish, though, and not all hairy pussy fetishists adore a woman who doesn't shave their legs or armpits.  

"One can't ignore the hippy culture element which uses not shaving as a statement against superficiality, obsession with looks, etcetera," said Wild Bushman, a professed fetishist who jokes that among his friends he's the lonely cowboy who loves wild bush. "Personally, I think an unshaved Prada girl is way more attractive than a sloppy dressed hairy hippie, just because the contrast is so much more powerful."

The dichotomy does seem exciting. After all, with a hippy chick you can already guess what you're going to find beyond the long skirt and underneath the panties, but a hairy beaver isn't something you expect or even suspect from a woman into high-fashion. However, more than that, I can completely understand why someone, against the backdrop of a culture that has become purified, refined and pasteurized, would have a fetish for a bushy beaver. It represents something wild, in its natural state, and primal.   In 1957, social anthropologist Edmund Leach wrote an anthropological study on the symbolism of hair. According to Leach, whose work was based primarily on the Hindu people of India and Buddhists in Sri Lanka, long hair symbolized uninhibited sexuality, while short hair symbolized constrained sexuality. [3] While he was referring to head hair, this can be easily transferred to a reference to pubic hair. Certainly, in the case of sixties sub-culture, hair, and tons of it, came to symbolize (at least in part) the unrestrained sexuality of that generation.   However, a hairy beaver is more than a symbol and has much more going for it than this to an enthusiast. "Pubic hair density, length, texture and color are all factors. I prefer a dense, long, rough and black pubic hair," explained Wild Bushman.  

For the non-fetishist it might be hard to imagine someone having a fetish for pubic hair, especially when comparing this fetish with a more familiar one like the bald pussy, where there might for some be a dimension of ritual, like shaving. Is it enough that a woman has a hairy pussy, or is there more to it than first meets the eye to a fetishist?  

According to Wild Bushman there is, and he counts burying his face in a woman's bush, playing with the hair on his fingers, stroking hairy legs or putting his face in a woman's unshaved armpit among those activities that he enjoys. " What also turns me on is the transformation, for example, the growth of the hair," he adds. "So being able to compare the length and coverage of the hair - even if it's in my mind's eye - from before vs. now [is a turn-on]." He did go on, excited to reveal what he called a twisted fantasy, but asked that it stay in the realm of his fantasy and so it does.

However, he did add something curious, something I hadn't thought of, and as a dominant individual who has in the past required a shaving ritual of my submissives it made perfect sense to me. "In our society today it's rare to find a woman that likes to keep herself hairy, usually it's a man's preference for which he has to fight and convince the woman to not shave. Hence one can't ignore the element of control/domination present in the fetish."

In Western culture, with its sea of razor brands, its ocean of advertisements for hair removal products and a general acceptance and societal preference for clean, shaved armpits, legs and pussies, and ridicule of the unshaved, it wouldn't be much of a push to ask your girlfriend to sport a bald beaver. Getting her to let it all be, let it all free, and let it all grow, on the other hand? Indeed, the hairy pussy would seem easier for a woman to submit to in a D/s relationship.    


[1][2] Dores, Jorge (endocrinologist at Santo Antonio Hospital, Porto, Portugal). Diagnostic and Therapeutical Intervention in Hirsutism, lecture included in 9th Congress of Endocrinology in Portugal. Statements to LUSA News Agency and reported in Jornal de Noticias, Jan 26, 2008.  

[3] Hansen, Kirsten, Hair or Bare: The history of American Women and hair removal. Senior thesis in American Studies, Barnard College, Columbia University, Advisor Professor Rosenberg, 18 Apr. 2007. Acquired 01 Feb. 008. Page 14.

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