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Goth Fetish  Written by: , 09/13/2006

You know you're part of a strong subculture when you have your own porn sites. Such is the case with those who consider themselves to be 'Goths.' Being a Goth has many different connotations, but there is a deeply erotic side to the lifestyle that has found its way to digital pages around the globe. Examples of Goth fetish include sites such as Gothic Sluts and Barely Evil. However, when you start to point out examples of a group of people, others from the group are bound to protest. There are many different aspects to this subculture and to attempt to pigeonhole a group of people would be both ridiculous and impossible. That's not our intention. What we hope to do is provide a general understanding of what Goth porn involves from a stylistic perspective, which seems appropriate.

Gothic porn is categorized by the style of work being produced and not a particular action, body part or fetish, like most of the other niches you will find in adult. This "dark" area can encompass design, literature, music, dance and lifestyle. However, Goth can be much more than this. For some, Goth is a philosophy. With all that it encompasses, you might think that there is a wealth of information to pass on, but this just isn't the case.

Unfortunately, there seems to be few quality resources on Goth porn on the Net. Part of the problem stems from the fact that adult entertainment hasn't always brought scholars running to fill tomes with pertinent information. In fact, for most fetishes, the best documented information seems to stem mostly from clinical analysis. The Goth porn niche doesn't fit the bill so we're left to scratch what little information we can from odd publications and questionable sources.

To understand the lustful and erotic side of Goth, it is essential to look at the history. The word 'gothic' comes from an Eastern Germanic tribe, the Visigoths. The earliest work on their history is a book that was published in 551 AD, although their origins date back much earlier. These nomads were said to sacrifice their prisoners to the gods and then put their body parts in trees as offerings. This is important as it's easy to see these people as gruesome barbarians. Fast forward to the 11th century and a new form of architecture, called the French Style, was gaining popularity across Europe.2 French Style architecture is characterized by "… almost skeletal stone structures with great expanses of glass, pointed arches… ribbed vaults, clustered columns, sharply pointed spires, flying buttresses and inventive sculptural detail such as gargoyles and even butterflies attacking men." 1 Now we jump to the 15th century. The Renaissance era is in full swing and French Style is starting to look… shall we say, barbaric? That's where Gothic style first found its roots.

Now we move into the 1980's. The term Goth is intrinsically linked to music. Here's how it breaks down from that angle: punk has had its rebellion and new wave electronic music is in vogue. Gothic music, although covering a wide range, includes bands such as The Cure, Front Line Assembly, Joy Division/New Order, Marilyn Manson, Siouxsie and the Banshees and the Sisters of Mercy – all falling into the category or stylistically derived from punk. 2 It's dark, edgy and emotional -- and it attracts fans who are devoted to it. From this we see Goth emerge as a distinct subculture, although there are arguably two camps. The Apollonian Goths focused on the artistic and philosophical facets of their subculture while the Dionysian Goths were more confrontational and self-destructive. Again, these are broad terms and certainly not everyone who loves the style knows what these two groups are, but they help to show how Goth culture has developed.

Goth fetish seems to mimic the stereotypical Goth. The sites are dark, edgy and feature beautiful women and men who you probably won’t see in mainstream porn flicks. As mentioned before, sites like Gothic Sluts and Barely Evil are prime examples of what could be considered Goth porn. You’ll find typical erotic material like pictures and videos, but there is often a heavily fetishistic leaning. This could involve leather, PVC, piercings, bondage and tattoos. There are also solo girl sites like Toxy Wonderland. Although she bills herself as alternative/emo, her site fits easily in under the Gothic banner. The ideas of eternal life and death are also a key part of this subculture and that brings sites such as My Vamp and XXX Horror. Whatever your definition of Goth, it’s clear that the sites and content in this niche carry a feeling that you would be hard pressed to find in other areas of adult entertainment.

Now combine the historical origins, the recognizable and foreboding architecture, the artistic and rebellious tendencies and the sound of modern-day music groups and you get a general idea of the modern mainstream Goth scene and the porn that you'll find in this niche. For a more visual look at Goth porn, check our Goth fetish review section. Swing through a few of the sites and you’ll have a much better idea of this fantastic fetish has in store.


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