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Cum Fetish  Written by: Master Marquo, 12/01/2005

Orgasms play a central roll in just about any sexual encounter. It’s the main attraction, the payoff, the grand finale of pleasure that rewards the participants for a job well done. However, for some, loads of juicy white jizz spewing all over faces, hands or feet, oozing out of various holes such as the ass or mouth or being swallowed or swapped from mouth to mouth is not the end of a sexual act – it’s a total turn on in itself. The cum fetish can manifest itself in various forms but it’s a large niche filled with devoted fans. Here are some of the various areas it involves.

Cum swallowing is certainly one of the most prominent of niches involved with this fetish. It’s as simple as it sounds: a man cums inside a recipient’s mouth and it is then swallowed. Most cum swallowing movies or pictures involve a little extra dramatization for effect, whether it is displaying the sperm as it sits inside the mouth before swallowing or some real or exaggerated gagging as it is consumed.

Cum drinking is another niche that is separate from any of the other areas of this fetish. Drinking involves large amounts of cum and a tool, such as a cup, which is used to deliver the sperm to the mouth. You need a lot of cum for drinking to be done properly so it usually requires a large number of men. Bukkake shoots, which are mentioned later, are the perfect setting for cum drinking to take place.

The cream pie cum fetish is all about the appearance of real sex. In most of the adult entertainment videos you will come across, the male orgasm involves pulling out from the ass, mouth or pussy of the person he’s having sex with and shooting his load for the camera. Cream pie fetish lovers aren’t there for that. They want to see the aftermath of internal sex. They want to watch as cum runs out of a gaping pussy or sits at the entrance of a recently invaded anus. Cream pie is hardcore sex and a huge fascination for many local cum fetish fans.

When two people take a load of cum and pass it back and forth between their mouths, this is known as cum swapping or snowballing. It usually involves two women who shoot a scene with one or more men. At the end, instead of shooting sperm on their bodies, a male will cum inside a recipient’s mouth. Instead of swallowing, the cumshot will them be passed into someone else’s mouth, either through a kiss or perhaps spit into it. Again, the excitement for fans of this part of the fetish isn’t the orgasm itself, but what comes directly after.

For cum fetish aficionados, a facial is no longer something you get at the spa on lazy Saturday afternoon. Cum facials involve an orgasm where sperm is shot all over someone’s face. It is generally considered part of an oral fetish, as it doesn’t take long to connect the face with the gaping wetness of an open mouth. The act can begin like any sexual scenario, with sex or masturbation, but usually ends with a blowjob climaxing with the happiest of endings. For the cum facial fetish devotee, a simple swallow won’t do. Only when the sperm has been shot onto the recipients face will the true pleasure of this fixation be reached1.

Closely tied to the facial fetish is the act of bukkake. Bukkake is a Japanese term that loosely translates to splashing or hitting with water and is normally used in the country to refer to the preparation of noodles. However, in adult entertainment, it is used to refer to scenario involving multiple facials from different guys but usually only one girl. Humiliation and domination are often core elements of this fetish. Bukkake may have originally been a form of punishment in Japan for a wife who was caught committing adultery, although this could just be an urban myth. In Japan, movies and videos often involve a young schoolgirl, which is largely due to the cultures appreciation and belief that the younger woman is the epitome of beauty. Today, the act is a sexual fetish in itself. It could involve ten men or over 100 and is sometimes referred to as a cum bath or cum shower. Another type of fetish that is closely related to bukkake is gokkun. Gokken refers to the swallowing of cum and more particularly to the sound or “gulp” as it is swallowed. Although similar, gokken is separate from bukkake as far as this fetish is concerned2.

Although both men and women cum during orgasm, it is the male that plays the central role in this fetish. You don’t need to worry about searching the Net for some rare page when it comes to the cum fetish. There are numerous sites where each niche is explored individually and FetishFish.com has the listings and reviews of the best and worst sites on the Web to get you started.

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