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How To Stretch Your Ass, Pussy, Balls and Lips  Written by: Mistress Tracy, 03/11/2009

Have you seen the site by Mr. Goatze who can protract his anus into a lovely rosette? There's a Ms. Goatze as well, each of them committed to vast openings of their most intimate cavities. Maybe they were doing some light reading on life in the 14th century and descriptions of the Judas Cradle made them wonder just how far human skin and muscle can be extended.

Wanting to stretch yourself and/or your partner as far as possible can be an amazing experience. It might start with fisting curiosity or it could be fetish play taken to the furthest reaches of possibility. No matter what sparked your interest, it's important to understand how to extend your or your partner's body safely and without causing permanent damage.

Fisting in and of itself is often a starting point for stretching. Many players might start with mild stretching techniques in order to get the sphincter or vaginal canal wide enough to accommodate a whole fist. You could start by reading The Intelligent Man's Guide to Handball, a great fisting resource that offers steps in allowing your muscles to take fingers all the way up to arms  - and maybe even feet.

How can you tell if the anus is ready to take a fist? It is quite simple: if there is pain, it is not ready. Unless you like pain, be patient with yourself and allow your anus to tell you when it is ready. This may require months or even a year or more, but you have your whole life. Do not let anyone force you to go beyond what you feel is your capacity at the moment.

You can start with the fingers and toes of someone you trust and then move on to larger and larger anal sex toys, always making sure to upgrade gradually and use lots of water-based lubricant. You should also keep in mind that the rectum is not a straight tube like a straw. You need to enjoy every swoop and curve the inner workings of the body have to offer. As you change different plugs and toys, always remember to keep them clean between uses.

Many players stop here and enjoy the pleasure that fisting can bring, but some enthusiasts enjoy the stretched feeling that comes with fisting so much that they move on to more extreme forms of dilation. For this, you'll want to take it up a notch and get some wider toys or apparatus. Try not to confuse stretching with insertion. They may be similar, but stretching is all about expanding the skin and muscles, whereas insertion is more of an exercise in filling an eager cavity with all kinds of toys and objects. They do occasionally go hand in hand, but stretching extends to attaching weights to lips and labia, propping open the anus with clamps, and more.

Anal stretching, if done properly, can result in a rectal circumference of 15 inches or more. Remember, it's supposed to feel great, even if slightly painful. Excessive pain or bleeding is a sure sign that you're stretching way too fast. Take it slow, enjoy the ride and always use lots of lube. Anal stretching should allow the rectum to take bigger toys during play, but the elasticity of the body should bring it back to normal size a few hours later. It's also important to remember that stretching the anus should not affect your digestion or defecation if done properly, so if problems arise, head to your doctor. It's better to have an uncomfortable conversation in the examination room than to permanently damage your body.

Let's start at the beginning: You've decided to get going with some stretch play, you have a partner you trust ready to make your every hardcore pleasure a reality and the two of you are ready to play. Lots can be done with just fingers, particularly when your partner has large, meaty hands. Get yourself and your partner lubed up and start with inserting two fingers as far as they can comfortably go. Take deep breaths and enjoy the pressure of your sphincter closing on the intruding digits. On a long, steady exhale, let your sphincter relax as a third finger joins the other two. Let it close once more and really feel the pressure from the increase in width. Now that your partner's three fingers are enclosed in your anus, let him/her slowly and deliberately separate them. Keep watching each other for signs of discomfort or excessive pain.

Feeling fingers expand inside the body is a great way to take first steps in stretching your sphincter as far as it can go. Deep breaths are the key to muscle control and relaxation, so make sure to keep breathing slowly and surely. For partners out there, remember: Impatience won't help anything and could potentially ruin a powerful experience. Jerking your hand around won't be pleasant and could lead to tears. Keep this in mind if you suddenly lose your cool or feel something you don't like. It takes time and practice to fully empty before anal play, so be prepared to take small messes in stride and wash your hands thoroughly afterward.

This type of gradual stretching will lead you all the way up to using increasingly large butt plugs. These toys are designed not just to stimulate and bring pleasure, but to also stretch the skin and muscles around their wide shape. Can you use a dildo for anal play? Of course you can, it's your body, but remember the very important difference between a dildo and a butt plug: A plug has a flared end to prevent it from moving up into the bowel (once you're stretched that far) and for removal from the body when your playtime is done. We've all heard hilariously humiliating stories about gentlemen who present themselves at the emergency room with dildos or objects that cannot be removed from their anuses. You may get a laugh out of the stories, but you'll be frightened and upset when emergency room staff might not force the toy out of your body because that could cause tearing. Instead, they may give you laxatives and an embarrassing speech. Now that you know, go for whatever interests you, as long as you have plenty of lube and a good idea of your own limits.

It's a common misconception that women don't like anal play, but, hey, it took years to convince the mainstream world that women liked vaginal sex, let alone anal play, so, as with stretching, slow and steady progress is the way to go. For the record, intense pleasure can be achieved in a woman's body from anal stretching and penetration. The finger stretching and butt plug rules apply to women as well. If the urge should come upon you or your partner to leave a butt plug in while penetrating the vagina, make sure the thin and sensitive vaginal wall is well-understood and appreciated. This goes for any kind of double-penetration play, as the membrane separating the vagina from the anus is thinner than you might think and damage can be done to those who don't pound with care. When she says "harder" go ahead and do it, but keep in mind that there's a huge hunk of silicone right around the corner from all her fun zones.

There are some great toys out there made for longer-term wear than a simple play session. Those who want to truly stretch their bodies as far as possible could look into wearable toys that are meant to remain in the body throughout the day. The best kind are stainless steel, both in terms of hygiene and sturdiness. It's recommended that these be worn to parties or out on the town, but if your body is brave, take them to the office with you and see how long you can last sitting in a chair. This is not for first-timers and definitely should be attempted once you're comfortable with the level of stretching you've achieved.

When your special lady is ready to stretch her body to the limits of desire, start with clamps to slowly stretch out her lovely labia. In this case, fingers and wide toys won't do the trick, but weights and light chains will. Unlike cavity stretching, labial extension is more likely to cause permanent changes in size. The skin around the vagina is elastic but unconnected to muscles that will retract after playtime. Be sure you're ready for long-term changes to your body before setting out to extend your vaginal lips. First-timers can start with clamps or clothespins to get used to the feeling of the vagina being stretched wide open. Use metal toys whenever possible and if you truly prefer wooden clothespins, be sure to use light sandpaper on them first to smooth them out. Light pain is to be expected, but from the play itself, not splinters or small cuts. Know and respect both your limits and the limits of your partner and be willing to end the session early when you're first starting out. It makes way more sense to work up to hours of fun than to push a session too far and cause permanent damage.

The same devices can be used for scrotal stretching, as well as rings and elongated cuffs. However, there is a risk of trauma to the testes and spermatozoa. Just mishandling these bouncy boys can traumatize them, so be sure you know what you're doing before you go clamping your best guy's most sensitive bits. As with other stretching, the effect is semi-permanent and must be continued over time to maintain the added length achieved. Translation: lots of stretchy ball play for years to come! Try out a heavy steel ring for beginners and move on to a parachute when you're more comfortable taking lots of weight on your scrotum. A leather chute sits on the scrotum and chains hanging from it are attached to weights that let gravity bring your balls lower and lower. A partner could also gently pull downward, but, again, respecting boundaries and being attentive to your partner's reaction is paramount.

Heavier parachutes made entirely of metal are another upgrade to try, but you can make a simple bit of thin rope and single weights work to your advantage. Truly experienced ball-stretchers can try a spring tension method, where a strap is wrapped around the balls and attached to straps just under each knee. Each strap is adjustable depending on how much tension you choose to work with. Another element to remember is temperature. The balls will be pulled up closer to the body if the testicles become too cold for sperm production, so keeping things toasty will help relax the muscles that hold balls right up under the pelvis. No matter what combination of toys and tugging you try, just remember: Slow and steady wins the race. Hanging too much too quick could cause permanent damage.

More experienced players have all kinds of toys available to them, some of which are loads of fun. Stronger metal clamps are attached to the labia and weights are hung from chains or ropes that gently pull the lips of the vagina open with simple gravity. If you love the feel of heaviness easing pussy lips outward, check out the water jug, which is essentially a vinyl bag attached to weights that is slowly filled and increases in weight throughout the session. Weights and piercing play can spell fun activities for the more experienced and experimental of stretching enthusiasts, but often this results in stretching not only the skin of the vagina, but also the opening made with the piercing. For first-time pierce players and less-experienced stretchers, find someone professional and ask lots of questions before opening yourself up to this extreme experience.

Resizing fits into the stretching world nicely and a slew of inflation and pumping toys are available for every whim. Use an inflatable toy to slowly expand the anus or vagina from the inside out. The benefit from these is that if you wish you can more safely use them alone, since a partner isn't needed (though often welcome) to monitor the body as a huge plug or dildo is taken for the first time. The second great thing about inflatables is the fact that they can be deflated. If you encounter sharp or sudden pain, it's a quick press of a button to take it down a few notches and slowly work your way back up. Finally, the medical community doing something for the sexual world!

From penis pumps to breast cups to clitoral suction, you'll definitely feel yourself pulled toward these devices. Once you have one, make sure you know how to use it and that it's in good working order. You don't need to get an internal fissure to find out you need more experience or that a pump isn't fully functional. Take a good half-hour with your toy to try it out, expand and contract it in your hands, read the instructions that come with it and, of course, clean it. The suction and vacuum sensation feel incredible and can be a welcome innovation in a stretching program that has started to feel routine.

With all the resources, toys and tips available out there, it's easy to get inundated with well-meaning advice. The best thing to do is follow your own curiosity and try to learn about your activities before you get started. Your body will tell you what you need and what interests you. Remember: You can stop at any time when something happens that doesn't feel right. Any session can be restarted at another time when your pain becomes excessive or you suddenly change your mind. It's far better to expand your body and experience with caring and thoughtfulness than with tearing and permanent scars where you don't want them.


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