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How To Engage in Safe Urethra Insertion Play  Written by: Mistress Tracy, 08/27/2009

For those of us in the edge world, expanding our sexual horizons can often mean expanding our own body. There are lots of different ways to go about it, but some of us are curious about the urethra and just how wide this golden love canal can be opened. Sounding is a slightly lesser-known form of stretching and expansion play, but those who are curious about broadening their horizons will benefit from some starter tips on safe sounding.

First of all, whether you're into the medical fetish or not, you need to get the proper equipment to play with before you get started. There are some regular household objects out there that might look like the right size and shape to be used as a urethral insertion toy, but you probably won't be able to clean it properly and it likely won't come out as easily as it went in. It's not only extremely painful if something goes wrong, but also you probably won't want the added embarrassment of explaining to the emergency-room doctor exactly what's happening with a thermometer, dental pick, turntable spindle or crochet hook that's slowly tearing a hole in your urethra. The best rule of thumb for insertion play is: When in doubt, leave it out. Do not ever share an insertion toy.

Second, there is a world of difference between a catheter and a sound, so if your sub is asking for one, don’t use the other. They are not interchangeable toys. A catheter is a very long tube, usually made of latex, that is meant to reach the bladder. Some have balloons and some don't, but the focus of catheter play is to lose control over the bladder. If you love watersports, this is probably what you're looking for. A sound is a metal instrument meant to be inserted into the urethra. It's not very long and is meant to dilate the urethral canal, rather than let the golden showers rain.

Now that we've established that you absolutely need to have the proper toys for your sexy, deserving body, what should you get? The key for any newcomer to sounding is to start off small. As with any expansion play, you can - and will - move on to larger toys as you progress. They're made of different materials, so take note of what's out there. Stay away from glass for the first few sessions you try. The last thing you need is an accident that leaves broken glass inside your body. The best toy to start your play with is made of surgical steel and all sounds for all levels of play must have a smooth finish. Remember, urethral play irritates the urethra, so treat your flesh temple with tenderness after a sound session.

So now you have an idea of what you should buy in general, but with so many different lovely bodies out there, how do you decide what to get in particular? For starters, there are different toys for different genitals, so make sure you're getting the right one. That might sound like obvious advice, but you'd be surprised how many people think that what fits into the urethra of a cock will also comfortably fit in the urethra of a pussy. Everyone's body is different, so treat your toy shopping like an adventure in finding the perfect wine to go with your meal.

There are a few good brands out there and some are different than others. For urethral penis play, go for something made specifically for a curious male. There are lots of different penis plugs out there in various sizes and thicknesses. Grab one of these and some water-based, sterile lubricant and enjoy the ride you're about to take. Rather than choosing from a variety of other lubes, with sounding you can go ahead and nix anything but water-based gels. Oil or silicone-based lubricants can cause infection and will make it difficult to expel when playtime is over.

If you're carefully curious, you might be interested in a seminar or workshop that actually shows some of these techniques. Lots of Mistresses and Masters offer such workshops, so get out into the clubs and leather shops, look for some more info and get a demonstration before you set out to plumb the urethral depths. This is the best way to get a good understanding of how to treat yourself and your sub's body with the most care and respect. If you don't find what you're looking for near you, get in touch with some pros and ask if you can have a demo session or if they can recommend some videos. As much as possible, try to see some sound play firsthand before getting into it yourself.

Time to start sounding! If you're working with a man, make sure the penis is flaccid and slowly work the tip of the sound into the urethra. This type of play takes patience and under no circumstances should the instrument ever be pushed or forced into the urethra. Let gravity and the body slowly pull the sound deep into the penis. Your job is to act as a guide and to observe the discomfort and pleasure of the person being plumbed. When the sound gets in about an inch, change the angle of the penis downward to about a 45 degree angle and then slowly start raising it again. This will help the toy negotiate all the sexy curves inside the cock's plumbing. Remove the sound the same way it was inserted: slowly and with care. You can move it in and out slowly if you like, but no sudden jerks ever.

If you're sounding yourself or a partner, keep a firm hold on the top of your toy. Not all of them are equipped with a ball or ring at the top and if you're doing it right, the natural tension of the body will actually cause the sound to twist slowly downwards into the urethra. If this happens and the sound gets inserted all the way, don't panic. Do your best to relax or calm down your sub. The instrument will be naturally expelled by the urethra on its own, so the sooner things get cool and collected, the better. Lots of players out there try to urinate to help expulsion and most of the time that works, but remember that this is not the time to force anything. Just let the body do what's needed. If you become seriously worried, swallow your pride and go to an emergency room. Nothing should be left in the urethra overnight as objects in the canal can cause stones to form. It's highly unlikely that a proper sex toy of the correct size ever would get lodged inside your body, so always use something meant for giving you pleasure instead of MacGuyvering something made for other purposes.

For women, a whole other set of toys are used, the most common of which is the Henk. A vaginal urethra is much shorter than a penile urethra, so the last thing you want to use is something too long and too thick for the body to handle safely. It's not edgy or hardcore to overtax the body - it's dangerous and extremely painful. It might not be well-known, but female urethral play is actually more common than you might think. Apparently the nerve cluster of the g-spot is easily stimulated from inside the urethra, which sounds like a pretty good reason to get into sounding. Go ahead and start with a thin sounding rod and take it from there. You might come across some fantasy porn about a woman getting fucked in the urethra, but this is definitely not sterile, smooth or thin, so keep that one for your erotic fiction or imaginary sex play.

Here's a look at the most common toys out there:

urethral dilators

Henk: Not terribly long and equipped with a "stop" on the shaft. Perfect for the ladies.

Pratt: Like the Henk, but without a ridge and slightly longer.

Hegar: Very safe and popular, suitable for either gender and widely acclaimed as excellent.

Van Buren: Only for the very experienced and made for reaching all the way to the bladder of a male.

For anyone out there who has discovered how much fun sounding can be and is now ready to move on to the next step, take a look at some of the specialty penis sounds out there. A popular option is vibration - it's an obvious feature to add to most sex toys - but this doesn't do much in urethra play. Many people actually use vibrating sounds for CBT or g-spot stimulation rather than its intended purpose. You can also get hollow penis plugs that allow for pissing and cumming even with the plug in place. These are amazing fun, but be sure you know how to keep it clean between sessions. What lots of curious players seem to find enjoyable are the electric sounds that give you shivers of pleasure. A personal favorite is the tuning fork sound. It works exactly as you'd imagine it does: Insert it properly and give it a flick with your fingers. You'll be singing vibrato in no time.

For the experienced and intensely curious, there are plenty of irritants and rough-finish items that can be used on and in the human body. None of these are a good idea even for someone who has plumbed their depths many times. Playing with textures and pain on the skin and in the mouth, ass and pussy is one thing. Playing with irritants and items that can cause tearing inside the body is a very different story and shouldn't be undertaken at all. It's great for fantasies and fiction and since the urethra can easily become infected and cause lots of pain, go ahead and keep it in the realm of fantasy.

When you go out looking for information, you're going to find lots of opinions that conflict. As your research and experiments progress, remember that not all doctors are sex-fetish positive and not all fetish players know what they're talking about. If a doctor tells you not to put a knitting needle in your urethra, go ahead and take that advice. If a fetishist tells you that you should try nettles or poison oak as the next level of extreme, you can ditch that person and move on to more reliable sources. When sounding or engaging in any type of fetish play, be curious, cautious and stay safe, sane and consensual.


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